Adizes Lifecycle Chart

Corporate Lifecycle Assessment Tool

At the foundation of effective management for any organization is the fundamental principle that as organizations grow and age they progress through a series of predictable stages known as the Organization Lifecycle.

Each Lifecycle stage presents a predictable set of unique challenges (life lessons) that must be overcome to progress to the next stage. How well or poorly leadership develops the capabilities needed to address those challenges determines the success or failure of the enterprise. Leading successful Lifecycle transitions is not easy or obvious. The same methods that produce success in one stage will create failure in the next. Knowing what to do and what not do to navigate the challenges of each Lifecycle stage is therefore need-to-know information for every CEO, C-Level Executive, Board Member and Investor, as well as up and coming leaders who aspire to hold those positions in the future

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The Adizes Solution for Session, Task and Project Management

Adizes ProMeeteus™, part of the Adizes Suite, is a copyrighted software solution based on state-of-the-art methodologies. According to Dr. Adizes, the success of any organization depends upon having the right people, in the right structure, doing the right work processes, all united in realizing the same Mission, Vision and Values. ProMeeteus™ provides the solution to the challenge of implementing the organizational change process as well as the all activities associated with this process. Thus, ProMeeteus documents sessions and tasks and allows managers and participants on all organizational levels to be on top of their responsibilities and to be committed to the implementation of the organizational decisions.

ProMeeteus employs crowd-sourcing by getting the information recorded in each organizational meeting and converts it to an eye-opening presentation on what is actually going on across the organization. The power and scope of ProMeeteus lies in its ability to capture a far more complete picture than most traditional solutions do. By using ProMeeteus, the organization will gain the following major benefits:

  • On a team level - Each manager is provided with a dashboard and a series of support tools for managing the team's responsibilities and series of Adizes-related sessions, tasks and assignments. Aspects such as Mutual Trust and Respect, implementation and other mission-critical aspects are monitored and support successful realization of the team responsibilities.
  • On an organizational level – The decision makers of the organization (e.g. CEO, general management, HR, Adizes Program administrator and so forth) are provided with a clear picture of the program implementation. Furthermore, ProMeeteus integrates the Adizes program participants and activities in a way that increase the success rate of the transformation process.

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