Become an Adizes Associate

If you are interested in becoming an Adizes Associate, please review the following steps.

1. Awareness - This step is to understand the conceptual foundations of Adizes. This is the "why" not the "how". You can do this by reading the Adizes books (Mastering Change, How to Solve the mismanagement Crisis, The Ideal Executive, Management/Mismanagement Styles, Managing corporate Lifecycles and The Pursuit of Prime) watching the Adizes videos available online and listening to the Voice of America recordings. There are also trainings being delivered in Santa Barbara as well as other places that you can attend. All future trainings are posted on our event calendar.

In this step you should be checking if the Adizes methodology makes sense to you and if working with it is something you would like to do. If yes move on to step 2.

2. Building Awareness/ building your market - This step starts by passing at least 1 of the 3 exams in the conceptual foundations of the Adizes methodology. An exam review sheet can be found here.

Once you pass the exam we can provide you with tools you can deploy as a training program, providing your students with a certificate of attendance from the Adizes Institute. One of these tools is known as TopLeaF. TopLeaF is a video series with 34 different videos covering various subjects from the Adizes methodology. These videos are a great tool you can use to introduce people to the methodology. This document provides a brief description of the content of each of the videos.

In this step you are checking your market. Is this methodology something that resonates with your market? How much marketing will be required? Is Adizes known or unknown in your market? How hard will it be to organize courses, get clients in your market and do you have the resources/ connections to pull it off?

In this step you are also checking your own understanding of the methodology and your ability to present it with the tools, (like the videos). Are you able to present the methodology and yourself in a way that evokes faith and trust in others that you know what you are talking about? That you will be able to help them? This may take some time and practice but you will know you have reached this point when your students or participants begin to ask "how do we apply this?"

3. Application - (note that there is no requirement to run trainings or Topleaf forums to attend this course, you only need to pass the exams) After you pass the exams in "Mastering Change" and "The Roles and Styles of Management" you have met the prerequisites for the "Leading Highly Effective Teams – Adizes Integrators Training". This is a 6.5 day highly intensive training that will explain the basics as to how the Adizes concepts are applied in our problem solving/ opportunity addressing process. More information on that course can be found here.

In this step you will learn real applicable tools you will be able to use the moment you leave the training but you will also be overwhelmed with the depth of the methodology and you will know what you do not know.... In this step you will be checking to see if you want to run these types of problem solving meetings (consulting) or if you prefer to stick with the training side of things. Different personalities are better suited for training and others better suited for consulting... but either way you need to be a good trainer to be a good consultant and learning these consulting tools will only help with your training practice.

4. Certification - If you would like to continue with your education with Adizes and become a certified associate you will need to join an Adizes office. To do this you will have to fill out an application. Certification means we give you the Adizes seal of approval. You will be listed on our web page, given an Adizes business card, email address, be given access to private manuals and professional supervision, be brought into clients to work with them... You will be an employee of the Adizes Institute, part of our network and as such subject to our ethic and professional policies.

Note - you can be invited to join an office at any time. Once you join an office you will be required to take continuous education courses on Adizes as well as other methodologies.

The following document explains this process in further detail.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.